Workshop – From Grief to Healing

I’m having another “Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life”  workshop on Saturday, March 28th 2015. We need to recognize that we can’t control the past but that we can control our future.  Don’t drift along with no goals or plans for your … Read More

Valentine’s Day as a Widow

I’m a widow – I never thought that I would be saying those words in my fifties.  As a child the only widows I knew seemed like old women that had nothing to look forward to. Our lives are molded by what happens to … Read More

Saying Goodbye to the Dying

Saying good-bye to a dying loved one — what to talk about, when, and how — doesn’t come naturally to most of us. All they ask of us is what people appreciate hearing at any time of life: words of … Read More

Overcoming Shyness

As a couple we always had someone with us when we went out or tried something new.  With the death of our loved one we are on our own and that may bring out our shyness. Being shy is just … Read More

Do “You” need a change?

Yes – sadly change was forced on you when your loved one died and you need to accept it. To be at peace with ourselves and with others, we must learn to accept change.  There is no other way because … Read More

Isolation leads to Loneliness

Fight the urge towards privacy when you are grieving.  Privacy leads to being by yourself and that can only lead to loneliness. You need to invite people in, to make them part of your life and to be part of … Read More

The end of 2014

After I became a widow I found “time” a strange friend – sometimes it seems like Donnie just died and yet at other times it seems like a distant past with strong memories. As I look back at 2014 there … Read More

The Best and Worst in People

I’ve found that the holidays bring out the best and worst in people.  We spend time with family that we don’t always want to be with.  We attend functions out of obligation or good old fashion guilt trips.  There is … Read More

Chicks Night Out – Grief Support Group

Christmas Holidays are hard when you don’t have your loved one.  Death and grief are not part of the holidays and we often feel out of place at get togethers. This week I was with the “Chicks Night Out” group … Read More

You Gotta Have Friends!

You have likely already heard how important friendships are when you are grieving.  Recent studies show that lonely grievers are more likely to develop high blood pressure, sleep poorly and get sick more often.  On the other hand if you … Read More

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