Time to Grieve

I was out last night and I ended up setting beside a widow (it's amazing how many of us are out there). She has been a widow for eleven years and felt that it takes about four years to get … Read More

Brian Tracy

When I became a widow I had no passion and life was flat. I purchased some motivational DVD’s with Brian Tracy and I watched them every night. He talked about goal setting and living a life of passion. I didn’t … Read More

Don’t Judge Others

I recently had a conversation with a good friend who was having a hard time because a her brother didn’t like the way she acted or dressed. He thought she was too loud and opinionated. This really upset my friend … Read More

Advise for Family Members

I’ve spent alot of time talking to widows and their families these last two days. I’m writing today for the families because they want to help but are struggling on how to approach their loved ones. My advise is let … Read More

My official launch

I officially launched the book today at Indigo.  It is availiable locally until January 1, 2011 and then all bookstores will carry it.  Meanwhile it can be order direct from my website. Thanks to everyone that was part of this … Read More

Living a Life of Passion

I’ve thought of this alot the last three years since I’ve become a widow. What is a life of passion? I think it’s a joyful life but that’s hard to find after the death of a loved one. Everything is … Read More

FacilicorpNB Article in The Source

The Sisterhood of Widows was articled in FacilicorpNB newsletter “The Source”. It is really quite nice when your place of work supports your efforts outside of the work place. In fact I think as a widow that getting support from … Read More

Support For Widows

You’ll know that you’re detached and out of touch with how you feel when others seem more emotional then you. You may feel disconnected and emotionally unavailable. Try to open up to close friends or family members that you trust … Read More

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