Financial Tips for the Widowed

    Being widowed is never easy. Besides the emotional grief you are feeling, you’re overwhelmed with many different financial considerations that you need to address. Although this is a difficult time be easy on yourself, breathe and use these four tips to help make … Read More

Important Stuff I Wish I Had Been Told About Grief

I found this great article while researching and thought it was worth passing on to my readers: RePosted article from Written by Larry M. Barber, LPC-S, CT author of the grief survival guide “Love Never Dies: Embracing Grief with Hope and Promise” … Read More

Laughter and It’s Healing Power

When we get uptight and on edge, our bodies get unhealthy and lack of energy and sleep become a problem. One of the greatest natural stress relievers is quite simply laughter.  It’s the best medicine as it makes us feel … Read More

Happiness is Being Connected

No matter what life deals you, there is always going to be a little “hole” if you don’t include spirituality.  We need connections– with people, animals, nature and life. Research shows that the happiest people are the ones who are … Read More

Law of Attraction is Obedient

The Law of Attraction is Not Very Smart.  But it is Obedient.   Words are the building blocks of our thoughts.     Thoughts are our internal dialog which causes us to have an emotional reaction–either negative or positive.                             Feelings … Read More

Defeating Depression

It’s important to deal with your stress because it can easily turn into depression. Grief shouldn’t stay for forever; like much of life it has to have it’s time. I read that depression is often caused by not learning how … Read More

Real Conversation

Good conversation is about listening, responding and relating with the other person.  It’s about opening the lines of communication by talking about subjects that will be interesting to the other person. We are so overloaded with information that we walk … Read More

Napoleon Hill

 It was because of Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn that I became an author. They believed that having a purpose and working towards it is the greatest gift we can have.   I read and watched everything I … Read More

The Power Of Habit

It’s been said that we are “creatures of habits” and there is a lot of truth in that expression. Some psychologists believe that up to ninety-five percent of our behavior is formed through habit.  John Dryden was an English poet … Read More

Are You Stuck?

Some choose to stay stuck because the consequences of change seem too overwhelming and the risk too great. Failure at something new seems more frightening than the current unhappiness.  Still others are passive players in life and they let their … Read More

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