We All Need To Be Valued

One of things I miss is having a husband that loved and valued me.  Love in a marriage is often expected but being valued as a person comes with the maturity of the relationship.   I’m still loved and valued … Read More

Assume Control

When your loved one died you had no choice because you were not in a position of control.  Tears flow and again you are not in control.  Others around you take over and although they are trying to help, again … Read More

Instant Gratification

Nowadays, we all want instant gratification and don’t have patience.  We want everything to happen this instant and we don’t always understand the value of patience, of being ready when the proper time comes. As we set out to find … Read More

Learning A New Skill

One of the fastest ways to learn new skills permanently is to share them with other people as soon as you learn them. Each time you come across a good idea in a book, take a few moments to share it with … Read More

A Widows Inner Strength

To the outside world, strength is power – to influence others or beat your opposition.  But then there’s inner strength, resilience, moral fiber – all of which help us to stand up for what we believe in.  This inner strength … Read More

29,200 Days of Living

If you live to be 80 years old you will have lived 29,200 days.   Every one of us who lives till 80, even the most successful people you know, have exactly the same amount of time.  Many of us … Read More

After A Few Years —- What Then?

When dealing with a death of a loved one you focus exclusively on the loss.  You can not even imagine that other events may occur in the wake of or even because of  that loss.  When you think of the … Read More

Four Things Happy People Do

1.   They analyze their life even though it isn’t easy and may require questioning some of their long held assumptions.  Small changes can be enough to see significant improvement in happiness.  Taking action steps is the key- just wishing … Read More

Have you planned your life or are you just letting it happen?

Write out 3 goals for the next 6 months. Break each goal into small steps. At night plan your steps for the next day.  Never let a day go by without doing something positive to move you towards your goals. … Read More

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