When do you know its right?

Today I was at the local Indio bookstore talking to the staff, when a lady came up to me and asked me if I was the writer of the book “The Sisterhood of Widows”.  I said “Yes” and she said, ” … Read More

Trivial Arguments

Why do some arguments slowly become huge fights and for what? To prove a point, to hold your ground because your right? Don’t lose your focus on what’s important. Spend your life’s precious moments on making good memories not bad.

Is Money Good or Bad?

We can all have hang ups about money from when we were kids. Example – people with money can be greedy or poor people just don’t know how to handle the money they do get. The truth is money doesn’t … Read More

Do You Volunteer?

I just spent three hours doing paper work for a non-profit organization I’m involved with. As I worked I thought I don’t have time for this but once done it gave me a feeling of satisfaction. It’s true time is … Read More

Focusing On A Specific Goal

I need to take responsibility for my goal and keep moving towards it. As long as I’m taking steps towards my book promotion I will eventually succeed. It is important to be positive and to network with others. I don’t … Read More

Are you frightened of making mistakes?

It’s so much easier to lay low and not risk failure but it seems to me that making mistakes is part of growing. If I avoid doing something because of fear, I’m also depriving myself of all that is good … Read More

Unrealistic Goals

Setting unrealistic goals for ourselves actually sets us up for failure as we chase the impossible. • Accept that some things are just out of your control and there isn’t anything you can do • Know that you don’t need … Read More

Creativity is not reserved for artists and musicians.

We are all born with creative ability and we create our lives with the thoughts we think. If you change your thoughts and become open to exploring the full expanse of your talents and creativity, you will see new opportunities. … Read More

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