Are You Thinking of Dating Again?

Looking for a new relationship while still grieving will just add to your emotional problems. Jumping into a new relationship when we are still raw with grief makes no sense and almost guarantees us to fail. All relationships are unique … Read More

Marriage Not Top Priority

For Older Widows, Marriage Is No Longer Top Priority     There was a time when “Mom” was the average American housewife. They were all about fresh baked goods and canned vegetables, three tables of bridge with the “girls” in the … Read More

Dating Tips for Widows

At Chick’s Night Out we widows talk about everything and the last couple of months dating has been a subject of interest.  For those who have lost a spouse and are looking forward to dating again, here are some tips … Read More

Widows and Dating

How many times have you thought to yourself: I don’t want to “work” at a new relationship, I want it to be the fun part of my life.  And how many times has a nagging voice in your head chimed … Read More

Stages Of Grief – Sexuality

O.K. – here it is, I’m going to talk about sex, that forbidden topic that no one wants to bring up.  What do you think of when the word sex is mentioned?  Most of us tend to be interested, but … Read More

Stages Of Grief – Healthy Relationships

Often after our spouse has died, we go looking for another relationship – one that appears to have everything that the previous one had. Because this new relationship appears to solve all of your problems, you hold onto it tightly.  … Read More

Could Somebody Really Love Me?

The typical widow wonders, “Can I find love again?” When you lose your spouse you often re-examine what love really is.  You may feel unlovable and even be afraid that you will never be in love again.  This fear can … Read More

Self Worth As A Widow

Your feelings of self-worth and self-esteem will greatly affect how well you will find your path.  Low self-esteem and loss of identity are common after the loss of a spouse. You have invested so much of yourself into your marriage … Read More

Relationships When Grieving

One of the things you should always ask yourself in any relationship is “What is it costing me?” Is the relationship one of sharing or is it more one sided? Do you walk away feeling uplifted or does it suck … Read More

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