Frustrated Widow

Are you a frustrated widow?  It becomes so easy to dwell on what you could have done, what others did or did not do, and why you feel so alone. The feelings of frustration, of not knowing what to do … Read More

Victory Over Negatives

It’s hard to have victory over negatives when your grieving, but how you respond to your loss is totally up to you. When negative thoughts about life and people start to take control, interrupt them and recall instead your good … Read More

Grief Depression

Although grief is a natural and normal response to our loss, grief depression does not have to be part of it. I say this all the time – there is no “right” way to grieve.  Just because you are grieving … Read More

Time for You

Being a widow isn’t for the faint hearted, so you need to take time for you.  That doesn’t mean you need a makeup artist, fashion stylist, personal trainer or life coach.  You just need to appreciate the person you are. … Read More

Be You

You can’t “Be You” if deep inside you are afraid or ashamed of who you are.  I’m not talking about embarrassed because of something you’ve done, but about your past. Guilt is a feeling you have about something you did … Read More

Understand Your Moods

Many widows believe that their bad moods result from factors outside their control.  You need to understand your moods, and although they are influenced by external events, but that doesn’t mean they are beyond your control. Why do widows have … Read More

One Day at a Time

The best advice I was given as a widow was to take “one day at a time”.  What helped me to do that was my journal.  As soon as I wrote down my day, I was able to forget it.  … Read More

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