As a widow I had to go through the grief process just like you.  The book “The Sisterhood of Widows” is from sixteen widows of different ages and social backgrounds.  They shared their honest experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly of widowhood.

The one hour audios are from widows that were interviewed for the book.  Learn from them as they share their mistakes and their growth as they traveled their own grief journey.  

To ensure that you receive the correct products for your own personal grief journey its best to listen to all the samples.  Each widow has her own blend of experience and support.

Listen to an overview of The Sisterhood of Widows:
Sisterhood of Widows Audio Book
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Sisterhood of Widows Audio Book
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Interviews – Available as Digital Audio Downloads

One Hour Conversation with a Therapist Mary Scott
This is a powerful hour where Mary Francis talks with Licensed Therapist Mary Scott.  No hold barriers as they discuss how widows struggle to get their balance back, how family and friends can be both a blessing and a hindrance and the things they can do to empower themselves..
One Hour Conversation with a 56 year Old Widow
Her son died by suicide in his twenties and three years later her husband died from pancreatic cancer. They were married for thirty-five years but there were a lot of hard times because of their son’s drug problems. Afterwards she went to a counselor to help her with the emotional pain.

One Hour Conversation with a 74 year Old Widow
Married for fifty-five years and had nine children. Husband was a drinker and smoker who died from lung cancer at age seventy-five. She never planned on dating but was courted by a local gentleman in his eighties and remarried two years later at the age of seventy-six.

One Hour Conversation with a 36 Year Old Widow
Her husband died by suicide.  It caused a lot of emotional issues with her nine year old daughter and when she became a teenager she got into drugs and alcohol. The widow took a 10 week course for families of suicide and she started a suicide program. She remarried two years later but her daughter never really accepted another man in their lives.

One Hour Conversation with a 53 year Old Widow
Married and divorced and years later married the love of her life. Widowed after two years of marriage and then her Mother died of breast cancer and her daughter had cerebral palsy and died at the age of thirty-eight.  She went back to work in her fifties and also started a business in Feng Shui.  She believes everything and everyone comes into your life for a purpose.
Digital Audio Bundle
Special Download Package including all of the above 4 digital audio interviews plus the audio interview with licensed therapist Mary Scott.

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It is a myth that time alone will take care of your grief. The fact is time is not enough to complete the grief process. You need tools of knowledge, support, tips and advice to emerge as a woman of strength.  Learn from other widows that have traveled this path before you.

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