The first thing you’ll notice about this site is that it’s not focused on grief and death as much as support and recovery.  We offer you compassion and encouragement– seeing that you are struggling we are here to help you to stand on your own and to say “Yes” you can do it.   I’m a widow and I founded “The Sisterhood of Widows” to offer online grief support and to empower you to create a new life after the death of your loved one.

On this page, click on any of the selections under “Just For You” for free supportive gifts to help you grieve and heal.” No email address is necessary.

Author and Founder of  "The Sisterhood of Widows" , Certified "Law of Attraction" Facilitator

Early Intervention Field Traumatologist (EIFT) and Certified "Grief Recovery Specialist"

Loneliness is Curable
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At times in my life, as a widow, I have been utterly lonely.  Try admitting this in our culture and you’ll find that the listeners will cringe with a mixture of pity, revulsion and alarm. ... Read More

Why do Friends Drift Away?
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Unfortunately, about two months after you’ve lost your husband your friends kind of forget about it. They dropped over a lasagna or sent flowers. They may even have taken time off work to attend the... Read More

Self-Pity is an Energy Robber
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Grief is normal and natural but as widows we have to fight the demon of self-pity as it’s a waste of our energy. Never accept defeat – grief may knock us down, giving us bruises,... Read More

What Is Your Attitude?
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A widow with a negative attitude thinks “I can’t”. They dwell on problems, find fault with everything and everyone while focusing on what’s missing in their lives. They can only see limitations because their mind is... Read More

Shopping Therapy for Loneliness
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I decided that I would put all my receipts in a basket to see where I spent my money. It just seems that the money goes and I don’t know where. After all I never... Read More

My Memories As A Widow
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Two months after Donnie’s death I did our monument. I put our wedding date and picture on it, and had it inscribed with “Charlie Brown and Snoopy Forever”. In the back it has the Serenity... Read More

Tips To Help Widows Be More Confident
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We widows share our grief journey and support each other, but no one can give us the confidence we need. Confidence has to come from within. Our mental health is directly connected to our happiness... Read More

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