“The Sisterhood of Widows” is the ultimate online grief support site for widows and it’s here to help you create a new life after the death of your loved one. The first thing you’ll notice about this site is that it’s not focused on grief and death as much as support and recovery.

I was widowed at the age of fifty and I understand your pain and loneliness. I offer you compassion and encouragement– seeing that you are struggling I am here to help you stand on your own and to say “Yes” you can do it.

Please take advantage of all our resource pages: “Grief to Healing” has resources, support and suicide prevention and the “Community for Widows” has a forum for widows, widow stories and a FAQ from widows.  Take some time reading over the blog postings and become part of our community by commenting on the blogs or in the forum.

For even more support, click on the free articles and audios under the “Just For You” section.  You are not alone and you don’t have to struggle by yourself – we are here to encourage and guide you.

Author and Founder of  “The Sisterhood of Widows” , Certified “Law of Attraction” Facilitator

Early Intervention Field Traumatologist (EIFT) and Certified “Grief Recovery Specialist”


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Widows Need To Be Uplifted
| |

It’s hard when you are grieving to feel uplifted. All we widows want to do is hide our heads under the pillow and be left alone, but I’ve got something a lot better for you... Read More

A Widow’s Grief Moods
| |

Rapid mood changes are typical when widows are grieving. Widow’s are often doing good and then without any apparent reason, they take an emotionally down turn and are unable to stop crying. Maybe it was... Read More

Money Troubles
| |

I wish I could say that every widow is left financially set but in truth the death of a spouse can leave a lot of widows financially broke. Reality is harsh and I know you... Read More

Are You Thinking of Dating Again?
| |

Looking for a new relationship while still grieving will just add to your emotional problems. Jumping into a new relationship when we are still raw with grief makes no sense and almost guarantees us to... Read More

Widows and Taking Financial Control
| |

I may be making an impact on widows lives, but they have also made an unforgettable imprint on my soul. It is fulfilling to be giving value to other widows and your finances are the... Read More

Help From Your Children
| |

My feeling is that being widowed late in life has a much greater impact on everyone than most people realize. The truth is that being widowed at any age is a major life event and... Read More

Health and Grief
| |

How we wrestle with grief — and ultimately push ahead to a new life — varies among widows. But many of us who need help to bounce back are not getting it, health experts warn,... Read More

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