Another Summer Is Over

Well another summer as a widow has passed.  This summer was the first summer in six years that I could say I enjoyed.

My two granddaughters (age 1 1/2 and 3) were old enough to stay with me for a few days at a time.  If you want to know how to live – watch children play.  They hold nothing back and I only wish I had more of their joy. They are curious and find everything interesting and when they laugh you can’t help but laugh.  

I wish Donnie was here to be their grandfather and enjoy them like I do.  But that’s not to be and I can certainly love them enough for both of us.  When they get older I will tell them about their grandfather and they will know how much he would have loved and spoiled them.

So, I thank God for grandchildren because of them the years are getting easier and life is good.

Granddaughters at cottage

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