Isolation leads to Loneliness

Fight the urge towards privacy when you are grieving.  Privacy leads to being by yourself and that can only lead to loneliness.

You need to invite people in, to make them part of your life and to be part of theirs.  We have to open ourselves up to others because intimacy comes from being accessable.

  • If you have company don’t answer the phone – enjoy the time you do have with them.
  • Invite people into your home instead of just meeting them for coffee.
  • Talk to strangers in elevators and airplanes.
  • If someone wants to see you than make time for them.
  • Do a kindness without being asked.
  • Always take the time to pay someone a compliment.
  • Take a class in something you enjoy and make some new friends.

The only thing that will really fill the void of grief is when you build your own community.  What happens when you get a group of people together?  You usually see laughter and people having fun and being silly with one another.  We have the capacity to laugh, be funny and playful because our biology craves it, as humans we are born to be happy.


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