Today is the funeral for one of the widows in our “Chick’s Night Out” local group. She wasn’t 60 yet and had been fighting cancer long before the sudden death of her partner.

She lost not only the love of her life but her full time caregiver. The last two years had been especially hard on her.

Many widows have lost their husband, lover, supporter, car mechanic, maintenance man, etc. but if you are healthy and he wasn’t your caregiver, you need to stop for a minute and just say a simple thank you for your health.

So today, I say goodbye to a lovely lady that fought a great battle and is now at peace. In honor of her memory I’m sharing part of my daily mantra. I read it out every morning and just before bed time. It helps me to be confident and to be thankful for what I still have, because I too fall into times of loneliness and grief where I need a helping hand up.

“Day by day in every way, with God’s blessing, I am more powerful, confident, healthy and happy.  Real life is magic, real magic so please God help me recognize this magic so that I can record it in my journal at days end.”

There is always something to be thankful for, we just need to be still and be grateful so we can see it.  Take care and God Bless you, Mary Francis

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  1. Carol J. Reed

    Thank you for this very worthwhile reminder.

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