Grieving Affects Our Health

If you experience some form of anxiety you are not alone because it is the most common mental issue in this country.

It wasn’t that long ago that scientists believed that the mind had no effect on the body.  We now know that is false and that our mind connects to our immune system.  What this means is that emotions can have a direct impact on our body’s defenses against disease.

Because the mind and body are inseparable it should come as no surprise that when we grieve our health is also affected.

One of the groundbreaking mind-body studies conducted at Stanford University found that being in a support group helped cancer patients stay in remission and therefore live longer. The message is that the mind’s self-healing potential can be used to help us heal.

Here are some methods to use:

  • Meditation to calm the mind
  • Work on our attitudes – look for what is still positive
  • Develop a strong social support group
  • Work on your physical health

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